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A Call for Proposing Candidates to
Light Torch at the Opening Ceremony of
Israel’s 70th Independence Day
The Public Committee for the Selection of Torch Lighters at the Ministry of Culture and Sport’s Outreach Center invites the public to propose candidates to light a torch at the Opening Ceremony of Israel’s Independence Day at Har Herzl. The ceremony will be held on the Independence Day Eve,
the 4th of Iyar 5778, April 19th, 2018.
Please submit your recommendation here:

This year, the main theme will be: Israel's Heritage of Innovation
This year, as last year, the committee will be selecting a representative from the Jewish diaspora to symbolize the unity of the Jewish people as a whole and the fact that Israel is home to all of the world's Jews for the future Independence Day ceremonies (through a special joint subcommittee of the Ministry of Diaspora Affairs and the Ministry of Sport and Culture). The committee calls upon the public to propose a candidate from the Jewish diaspora who personifies the concern and work being done for the future of the Jewish People , who reinforces the link between the world Jewry and Israel, and relates to the selected theme. .

Please submit your recommendation here:

A brief rundown of the guidelines for writing the recommendation
The submitted recommendation must include:
  • A brief resume of the candidate, emphasizing his or her relevance
    to the selected theme (up to 500 words).
  • Contact details of the recommended candidate.
  • Contact details of the person making the recommendation.
  • Recommendations may be submitted in Hebrew or English.
  • No more than one candidate may be recommended.
  • Recommendations which fail to comply with the submission rules as listed above, will not be discussed at the committee.
  • The members of the Public Committee for the Selection of Torch Lighters may put forward additional candidates as they see fit.

Recommendations must be submitted to the Outreach Center:
Committee for State Ceremonies and Events, no later than Sunday, 24th Adar, 5778,
March 11, 2018 at 9:00AM, via email to the following address:
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