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The Ministry of Diaspora Affairs, on behalf of the Ministerial Committee for Ceremonies and Symbols, is honored to announce the call for nominations for candidates to represent Jewish communities in the Diaspora, at the Torch Lighting Ceremony marking the official opening of the State of Israel's 71st Independence Day ceremonies.

The ceremony will be held on Mount Herzl, on the eve of Israel's Independence Day, 4th of Iyar 5779 / May 8, 2019. This year, the ceremony will be themed "A Salute to the Israeli Spirit."

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Due to the Committee's desire to strengthen the bond between the Jews of the Diaspora and the State of Israel, one of the 12 beacons lit at the ceremony by representatives from across Israeli society, will be lit by a Jewish nominee who is neither a citizen or resident of Israel, and whose character and achievements embody the unique Jewish spirit of overcoming adversity despite all the odds.

It is that inspiring spirit, that leads Jews to transcend challenges, to excel, to succeed, and to transform personal difficulties into an impetus for action, growth, and unique contributions to the Jewish People and Israeli society.

Following is a summary of the mandatory instructions for the text of the nomination:
  • A brief resume of the candidates achievements and work, emphasizing the candidate's relevance to the selected theme (up to 500 words).
  • Supporting details illustrating the unique contributions made by the candidate in relation to this year's theme.
  • Contact information for the nominee.
  • Contact information for the nominator.

Nominations including the above details may be submitted in English or Hebrew to the Ministry of Diaspora Affairs at by April 3, 2019.

* The Ministry of Diaspora Affairs will collate all nominations to be submitted to the public selection committee for the torch lighters, under the Israel National Event and Ceremony Authority.

* Each person recommending may suggest only one candidate.

* Nominations which do not include all the above details will not be considered by the committee.

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